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Hello guys o/

I got tagged by

•You must post these rules

•Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.

•You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your journal (if you know ten people)

•Go to their pages and tell you have tagged him/her.

•No crap in tagging section "you're tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag

10 questions I had to answer

1.What's your favorite drawing style ?I do not quite understand what you're asking, because I speak Spanish, but good answer on how I translated XD ....I love pastel painting with wax

2. What's your favorite genre of manga ?Shonen XDXD

3. Tablet or mouse?Mouse,of course,I am very clumsy ¬¬

4. What you like of drawing?While I understand this either, but hey, what I like drawing and art in general, is that you can express yourself and let your mind aside to focus and enjoy making art and show them to others what you feel and how you see your world ^ ^

5. What's your favorite genre of music?this is difficult, I can not choose haha .... I am among the rock style (Nu Metal, Alternative Rock, Rap Metal, Alternative Metal, Rock e) of Linkin Park, the Gothic rock Evanescene and Within Temptation and kpop as Super Junior

6. What's your favorite color?BLACK,i love it *w*.....three thirds of my clothes are black, the fourth is left is of all colors, mostly brown and lilac ... so yes, anything pink XDXD, I hate it

7. Do you prefer drawing or writing or other thing?I am an indecisive person, because I love writing and drawing, but also, reading, music, cooking, watching TV, playing video games or board games and finally sleep if I know, I have many hobbies ¬ ¬ XD , but I think what I like most is to read XD

8. K-pop or j-rock? the jpop not dislike, but nobody can against my super junior (in my opnion, no offense to anyone XD), so I'll stick with Kpop ^ ^

9 - If you win two passages to South Korea, China, Japan, which country would you choose and who take with you? While I could not choose between the three, I would go to South Korea to see Super Junior and eat kimchi * w * ..., then to China to meet Hangeng / Hankyung: 3 and if they are also to Zhoumi and Henry and of course I would go through the great Wall of China, and Japan would flip with sleeves Banquet / animes, I would cosplayers photos of the street and eat Ramen * ¬ * ... actually do many things but I do not fit here XDXD .... and the person you choose to come with me, be my little Adrian maknae ^ ^

10 - Something to say? I liked the test, if there if I spend more ^ ^

My questions :

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What are your three favorite books and authors?
3. Would you like fanfics and especially the yaoi?
4. Where are you from?
5. What are your three favorite bands?
6. What do you like most: photography, pencil drawing, or painting the esscultura?
7. Where would you like to be born?
8. Who were the three people that you want to know more?
9. What would you change, the past, the present or the future if you had a time machine?
10. Do you love me? XDXD

People I've tagged I hope you like it!

1.  Fantajikyoui        Hola mi maknae Adri,te tocó XDXD,anda eeehhh no te puedes quejar,te llevaría conmigo a Corea del Sur,China y Japón y ya de paso vemos a Perfume XDXD

2. ElfBlueBell             I give it back xD

3. peaceloveandtacos12     peaceloveandtacos12.deviantart…

4. juniorimaginations         juniorimaginations.deviantart.…

5. Icedragon300     

6. Sparrow y León  

7. sakuraloveyou    

8. FuryTigresse      

9. kachisakunya      

10. endeavorjane    

I hope you like it ^ ^

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The reason why I keep posting art isn´t only because I want to improve my skills and want some critique, no I want to see that I can make people happy, such people as you, so I´m keeping posting art for you!  
Thanks a lot for encouraging me!

Have a great weekend!
Best regards,

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Hi there! Thank you so much for joining the PROM15E-Campaign group, and I have a few questions to ask if you don't mind? ^^"

1. Do you have any ideas on how to spread this campaign?

2. What activities do you think Henry and Zhou Mi should be participating in, and why?

3. Do you know any foreign fans that would be interested in helping?

Thank you for your time!

~MizureChan (Founder of PROM15E-Campaign.)

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